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Pricing and Licensing FAQs

Explore common questions on pricing, promotions, refunds, and licensing.

The price you pay for the theme is a one-time fee, with no recurring charges. You’ll receive access to future theme downloads and updates. Each purchase includes either 6 or 12 months of technical support, depending on your choice at the time of purchase. Choosing longer support from the start is cheaper than extending it later. Choosing not to extend support won’t affect your access to future updates.

We follow Envato’s refund policy, which you can review on Refund Policy page. If you need a refund, please fill out the short form available on Refund Request Form page.

A single regular license permits the use of the theme on one website only. To use the theme on additional websites, you must purchase a separate license for each site. For more details, please refer to the full article on the regular license.

You do not need to register your website (domain) in any dedicated system; simply download and install the theme, and it will function as expected. If you decide to switch the domain, you can do so without informing us. You can use the product on one official website and simultaneously on multiple test environments (e.g., staging website, localhost).

Your purchase code is only required to activate the Theme Updater, which enables hassle-free, one-click updates directly on your website. This activation limits access to updates only (access to new theme and plugin files), as we need to verify a valid purchase to prevent unauthorized access to our products.

We offer our products at a consistent official price exclusively on Envato Market (ThemeForest). We do not have the option there to provide individual discounts or promo codes. While promotions and discounts may be available during special sales events, they are quite rare.

No, it is not possible. We are an Envato Exclusive Author, which means that our themes can only be sold by us on Envato Market (ThemeForest).

Absolutely! When you purchase our themes, all future updates are included, even if your technical support has expired. There's no need to extend your support to access these updates. Our themes come with a simple one-click update feature via the Theme Panel. This ensures that your purchase gains value over time as we develop new features and fix bugs.

No, purchasing or downloading our themes from sources other than Envato Market (ThemeForest) is illegal. Unauthorized versions may include malware, such as backdoors, which can cause numerous problems for your website in the future. While some components of our themes are GPL-licensed, the custom styles and engine core functions are protected under our exclusive rights. If a theme incorporates non-GPL licensed components, the entire theme cannot be considered GPL-compliant, making reselling or unauthorized distribution illegal. To ensure you receive a fully functional product with updates and support, you must purchase directly from us via Envato Market. Using alternative sources violates our license agreement and is likely to result in your website facing security vulnerabilities and operational problems.